The Status of Greatness

The Status of Greatness Book

Deconstruction of the Banking System


MOPP, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2008
The Status of Greatness, What it the world Gallery, Cape Town 2009
The Status of Greatness, Basel Switzerland, 2009
This is Exile, Exile Gallery, Berlin, 2009
Know Thyself Group Exhibition, WM Gallery , Amsterdam, 2010
Deconstruction of the Banking System, The Form, Johannesburg, 2010


Manifested through staged photography, performance, installation, video and sculpture – Ferreira’s work is principally concerned with unpacking and actively coercing the mechanics of political and cultural celebrity through the mimicry of historical precedent, fictional narratives and iconic, theatrical persona. Coercing status, authority, media attention and acclaim at a societal level into a vehicle for social and political change, makes Ferreira’s project a justly and inimitable enterprise.

Micheal Mcgary